I am a 29 year old Fashion Designer skilled in Pattern-making, Garment Construction, Technical Sketching and Computer Aided Design. Born and bred in Zimbabwe, I set out to pursue my studies in Fashion in South Africa in 2014. I am currently studying for my Masters Degree in Digital Futures at Ocad University in Toronto and I am excited to discover the many ways in which technology can transform fashion.

In 2017, I came in first place in the SA Fashion Week Student competition after designing a trompe l’oeil shirt dress. It embodied a lot of what I had learnt through tailoring, deconstruction and body politics. My collections show and express my experiences of the world, and creating them serves as an outlet for me. Last year, I discovered the world of digital fashion, specifically digital patternmaking. I set out to learn as much as I could as I worked towards creating a sustainable digital pattern making business accessible to all (a project I am still passionately working towards). 


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