Progressive thinking has always been associated western ideology. Thus, we have never been able to imagine a future rooted in our ethnic heritage and imagined through its lens. Rich earthy and gold tones celebrate an Africa that can offer an alternative future.

Fire and Blood

Fire and blood is anaccount of the human mind and spirit when threated by unforeseen circumstances. Red is a reminder of thefighting spirit that we have in us. It is when we are faced with the toughestof battles that our survival instincts kick in, and we discover how strong weare.


Virtua contemplatesthe impact of technology and the internet on identity. The virtual identitieswe create on social have, arguably, facilitated a loss of touch with reality.What are the consequences?


Much of life is spent performingone’s assigned role within society, which may, more often than not, result in aloss of self. This collection is an expression of the struggle of trying to find one’s own voice and strength in a world filled with structure and expectations.

Beautiful Decay

Our quest for perfectionand civilization has resulted in the destruction of wildlife and vegetation,and ultimately depleted the ozone layer. This collection serves as acommentary on how human action has had an impact on the environment. 

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